Smart Tables by MetaHive offers interactive customer engagement platforms for businesses. Using our intelligent interface, you can sell almost anything to your guests – from food to games. They can book rooms in hotels, order taxis straight to the door, or even purchase vacation packages, and your business will get a percentage of each transaction. Everyone can control a new and unbelievably powerful advertising channel with Smart Tables. It’s like broadcasting your TV channel, but with precise control. MetaHive offers smart tables to any business, changing the way that their customers interact with their services, and more importantly – they take advantage of this innovation to increase their revenue by 50% while getting ahead of the competition.


The interactive Ordering Table (IOT) is great as customers can see all their favorite selections right away. Studies show that guests prefer personal time to choose and customize their food before ordering and are bored of long waits during the order preparation. With our IOT, they don’t have to collect their orders in one giant list or wait for recommendations from the waiter, and they get to have a variety of what they like from the interactive tabletop display, which is fun to do so. Guests save precious time in the ordering process and enjoy personal attention even when dining with a group of people. If a customer wants an exclusive theme for any event, everything on the IOT tabletop display can be displayed anywhere using optional wall projection, show thematic slide shows and videos on tables, or run games and competitions between tables. Imagination is now the only limit! With MetaHive’s IOT, you can learn what they like and effectively use data to help various restaurant segments such as order management, inventory management, accounting, analytics and etc.


Turn your guest tables into interactive displays with one of our Tangible Tables. Tangible tables bring the digital experience to life. They feature an incorporative projected capacitive touch technology that allows customers to interact with information in a whole new way. It allows your guests to browse pictures, videos, maps, and more. Tangible tables can allow guests to zoom in and out, rotate images, play videos, and scroll text up n down. This kind of immersive content experience can be used to educate your customers about products or services! Enhance your customer experience by incorporating Tangible Tables into your hotel lobby or restaurants.


  • Enhance Branding (Create buzz around your brand)
  • Draws Customer Attention
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Boost Footfall
  • Decrease Human Interaction
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Increase in Social media share
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