Augmented Reality (AR) offers a dynamic and immersive experience for your consumers. This technology combines the physical and digital worlds, allowing customers to see 3D products through their mobile devices. By integrating this into an existing retail space, companies can increase sales by attracting more attention than a traditional banner, leading to more sales. Our AR Applications provide immersive sensory experiences that digitally simulate a virtual environment, giving an exciting way for your guests to visualize products on them or in their homes before committing to buying them. MetaHive offers innovative Augmented Reality Technology applications that can be used to create an immersive experience for your customers. Our applications are made to fit any device, and no matter what they’re using, they will have a seamless experience. Increase the overall quality of your product by capitalizing on an immersive experience with MetaHive’s AR technology.


MetaHive’s Magic Mirror provides a high-tech experience that allows customers to try on different products such as apparel, cosmetics, accessories, jewelry, etc., in real-time 360o view without the assistance of a salesperson or cashier. The technology is truly revolutionary, offering customers a new way to purchase items that they like. It provides the best customer experience and leaves them with fond memories of their shopping experience.


MetaHive’s AR Photobooth lets audiences of all ages be part of the action with a turnkey AR solution. It has a built-in library of characters but can integrate any character, from 3D figures to green-screened living legends – anyone can pose for the shot. The photo booth offers the ultimate entertainment solution for any location, such as cinemas, parks, museums, malls, and more. MetaHive’s AR Photobooth is a cloud-based, fully integrated solution that can take the hassle out of event management while at the same time delivering quantifiable ROI.


AR Games or Augmented Reality games are a type of game that uses the existing environment to create a playing field within it in real-time. MetaHive’s AR Games help your guests have a fun time while promoting your business. For example, MetaHive’s AR Games can be used to market a product that can be placed at different stores, and guests are encouraged to visit and collect tokens from the different stores, which can then be exchanged for discount coupons or gifts. Mall management can use this concept to promote different brands, and many such concepts can be integrated with AR Games to increase customer footfall and increase product awareness, in turn increasing revenue.


  • Enhance Branding (Create buzz around your brand)
  • Draws Customer Attention
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Boost Footfall
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Increase in Social media share