The Metahive Reactive Window is an innovative way to market your brand, drawing attention and engaging customers with dynamic content that responds instantly to their actions. This augmented reality interface offers a truly immersive and engaging experience to the passers-by. With our range of customizable content scenarios and real-time data collection, you can develop an interactive experience that will capture your customers’ attention and heighten their brand awareness.

Metahive has integrated cutting-edge reactive window technology with immersive augmented reality to create an exciting and dynamic advertising platform. The reactive window display is the first of its kind and allows your brand’s message to enlive in a way that the public has never seen before.


  • Enhance Branding (Create buzz around your brand)
  • Draws Customer Attention
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Boost Footfall
  • Boost Revenue
  • Increase in Social media share