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Interactive projection mapping is the latest way to tell your story. It’s an innovative, engaging, and powerful tool that can transform any interior or exterior surface into an interactive display. Interactive projection mapping uses cutting-edge technology to create dynamic, visually stunning projections on any kind of surface. It’s perfect for events and makes an unforgettable impression on a big stadium or small living room. Interactive projection mapping is a great way to transport your audience into a visually exciting and interactive world. Interactive projection mapping is a relatively new technology that allows users to interact with projected images. In this way, interactive mapping is used for everything from advertising to artistic expression. The technology is already being used in various fields and can be customized to suit your project’s needs. Metahive’s graphics engineers will work with you throughout the creative process to develop your ideas further, meaning we’ll deliver the perfect solution for your next project. The future of storytelling is here, so where do you want to play?


Metahive’s Dynamic Floor Interactive Projector will transform the floor beneath you into a virtual playground filled with games, activities, and more using an interactive floor projector and motion sensor. Moving graphics and games appear on the ground and react to hand movements, foot movements, and gestures. The interactive floor projector and motion sensor turn the room into an active learning environment that encourages physical activity, coordination, and movement. The dynamic floor provides endless fun for kids of all ages, making this an all-around versatile interactive floor projector for sports facilities, education facilities, or recreational facilities.


A dynamic wall is the combination of hardware, software, and install design to create unique interactivity. Dynamic walls are versatile digital displays designed to tell your brand story in an engaging and interactive way. They help you to attract visitors’ attention and provide information in a rich, visual, and engaging manner. Metahive’s Dynamic Wall is a revolutionary way for you to engage with people. It has great potential to deliver what stands out from traditional video walls: interactive displays, eye-catching animations on the surface, and buttons and other media on hand. It’s an interactive display equipped with powerful production software and hardware, so you can deliver almost anything to the people looking at your wall. It improves the way to interact with people in terms of what they can get out of it. The result? A unique experience! Let us create a Dynamic Wall for your next event or business gathering!


The Dynamic Object is a new concept that combines the Dynamic floor and the wall to create an immersive experience for the viewers. It is a multi-platform system that allows for real-time motion graphics to be projected onto dynamic surfaces. For example, it can project onto a specific object, such as cars, miniature models, etc., or project over piles of sand using special cameras to detect the altitude and project-specific motion graphics, creating a 3D model.

Dynamic Object presents a new way of projecting images onto any surface. Unlike traditional projection environments – which are fixed in space and can only project on front-facing surfaces – Dynamic Object projects onto any object or combination of objects. With Dynamic Object, you can transform a pile of sand into a 3D model, turn the word “TEAM” into a running animation across a basketball team’s white away shirts, or make it look like water is flowing up your brand new car. Let Metahive create a Dynamic Object for your next event to create an immersive experience for the viewers!


  • Enhance Branding
  • Draws Customer Attention
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Boost Footfall
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Increase in Social media share